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I am based in South Gloucestershire; I love being in the countryside and spending time around animals.

I look to improve quality of life, for people and for animals.

I am experienced in the use of:

Bowen Technique

Emmett Technique

Neurostructural Integration Technique.

I can treat you, or your horse, or your dog.

I can help give relief from physical pain, stiffness and postural tension.

I can help improve performance, and help with behavioral problems.

The techniques I use rely on a gentle touch, and are safe for all ages, from infants to the elderly, and for animals.

I am also an affiliate of Absolute Dogs, and advocate a concept based, games based style of dog training.

  • All therapy techniques that I use are applied to muscle and soft tissue using a very light pressure.
  • They are so gentle that they have been successfully used for newborn babies and the very elderly and frail.
  • They are so diverse in their application that people have turned to Bowen, Emmett or NST when suffering from symptoms are varied as sports injuries, stress, frozen shoulder, eczema and many more.
  • They are often used for everyday aches and pains, and the holistic nature of the treatment makes them successful in resolving problems of postural compensation.


Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is derived from the work of Australian therapist Tom Bowen. A key feature of Bowen technique is the use of a 'rolling' move across the tissue, at key postural points on the whole body.

A register of approved therapists in UK is held on the website of Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA). As a member of this register I hold appropriate insurance, first aid training, and undertake regular professional development.


Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique is derived from the work of Australian therapist Ross Emmett. A key feature of Emmett is the extremely light 'holding' pressure that is applied simultaneously at two distinct locations. Emmett also makes use of a gentle 'switching' movement, somewhat reminiscent of the Bowen 'roll'.

The register of approved Emmett therapists in UK is held on the website; click the button below.



Neurostructural Integration Technique was developed by Michael Nixon-Levy, following the inspiration of Bowen technique, and in combination with other spinal integration techniques. 

The register of approved therapists in UK, and worldwide, is held on the website; click the button below.

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