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Human Bowen Therapy and NST

"I have less pain"

"I can reach up to the shelves"

"I can turn my neck, without turning my whole body"

"I slept really well"

"My shoulder doesn't ache as much"

"I have done more but felt less tired"

"I feel much more relaxed"

These are all typical of replies when I ask clients how they have been since their last session. 

Do you suffer from any of the following?

back pain

low energy

poor quality sleep

stiff muscles

tight hamstrings

frozen shoulder

whiplash injury

frequent headaches or migraine

These are all examples of symptoms that clients have found reduced by Bowen and NST therapy.

About Bowen Therapy and Neurostructural Integration Technique

Bowen Therapy and NST can help reduce muscle tension and provide relief from physical pain and discomfort.

I use rooms at the following address:

Vicarage Farm Beauty and Holistic Therapy Centre

Vicarage Lane



BS35 4BT

Bowen and NST are performed through light clothing.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.

Best results are often obtained with an initial course of 3 sessions, but this may vary depending on the needs of the individual.

The treatment is gentle, and very relaxing.


Balancing muscle tension.

Muscles must have the correct tension to support the bones and joints in their correct positions, and allow correct movement.

Bowen therapy helps the body restore the correct balance of tension to the muscles.

It works on the whole body, because correct posture involves all muscles and joints.

Bowen for everyday care.

We often put up with tiredness, low energy, stiffness and aches and pains through the belief that these are a normal part of ageing. However, it may be unwanted muscle tension arising from stress, poor posture, or incomplete resolution of old injuries that is causing our difficulties. By releasing such muscle tension, we can experience reduction of symtoms and live a better quality of life. 

Bowen after injury.

Musculo-skeletal injury is common, and can be very painful. We believe that Bowen and NST can assist in the healing process, and help relieve pain. Additionally, by treating the whole body we can help support correct posture through this critical time. Common reasons for seeking help from Bowen and NST include back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, whiplash injury, ankle, knee, elbow and wrist pain, hamstring strain, tennis elbow, RSI, ...

Bowen for chronic medical conditions.

During treatment of the whole body by Bowen and NST, people often report that symptoms of chronic conditions such as asthma, eczema, hayfever, stress, migraine, irritable bowel, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and so on, have reduced.

Bowen for babies.

The infant's body is designed to cope with the stresses it experiences during birth. However, some infants benefit from support with Bowen and NST. These treatments are very gentle and completely safe for babies, and may be worth considering if your baby is very fretful or colicy.

Bowen for children.

Parents have used Bowen to help with a huge range of conditions including glue ear, bed wetting, autism and general 'growing pains'.

Bowen and dental/orthodontic work.

Correct funtioning of the jaw and neck is important in determining the correct posture of the whole body. Bowen may be useful during courses of dental or orthodontic work, which place stress on these vulnerable areas.

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