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Canine Emmett Therapy

Does your dog suffer from any of the following?

Looking stiff and sore

Change in personality

Reluctant to go for walks

Very reactive


All of these could be signs that your dog is suffering discomfort or pain from stiff, tight muscles.

Has your dog ...

been pulling on the lead?

jumped and landed awkwardly?

suffered a recent injury?

All of these are times when it is advisable to support correct posture by balancing muscle tension throughout the body.

About Canine Emmett Therapy

Canine Emmett Therapy can help reduce muscle tension and provide relief from physical pain and discomfort.

Canine Emmett Therapy can improve performance.

Canine Emmett Therapy can help with some behavioral problems.

I will visit you in your own home.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Your dog should be kept calm and quiet, with just a gentle walk the following day.

We must inform your vet, and obtain their consent, before proceeding with the therapy.


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