Susan Ryrie ECBS RFCES MBTPA       


Relax and re-balance.



Together with Alex Richards BHSAI, I have an interest in promoting health and well-being of both horse and rider.


Dismounted workshops run jointly with Alex Richards BHSAI


Do you struggle to gain the balanced posture that you would like to have in the saddle? Are you lacking confidence because you feel insecure on your horse? Are you aware that you use one side of your body more strongly than the other? All of these things effect the horse's way of going, and your ability to communicate effectively.


Our fun workshops are aimed at improving these issues related to posture, balance and confidence. They are based around exercises on the gym ball and saddle horse, but with the unusual addition of a small amount of Bowen therapy. When used in this way, the Bowen is not sufficient to produce a lasting change that you would hope to achieve from a full treatment. However, it often produces an increased awareness of areas of tension in the body, and an immediate and noticeable improvement in your ability to balance as these 'dissolve away'. This, in turn, can increase awareness of the vital importance of relaxation in producing a correctly balanced posture.


Mounted posture clinic jointly with Alex Richards BHSAI


Using a mixture of teaching, Bowen and video footage takes the dismounted workshop a step further. We work to improve the combined posture and balance of horse and rider working together.



Please contact Alex 079 7440 6535 or Susan 077 1713 6569 for all enquiries.

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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


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