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Bowen for Riders and Owners.




Daily chores - strain and straightness


Day to day care of horses involves hard physical work. Mucking out; pooh picking; lifting hay, bedding, and feed bags, heavy hay nets if soaking hay; bending to pick out feet - all place challenges on our muscles, particularly those in our backs. This hard physical work is usually carried out by us favouring one side. Thus we often develop more strength in one side of our bodies than the other, and maybe also a twist in our muscular-skeletal framework. Problems can build up slowly, in a way we hardly notice at first. Bowen can be useful in helping to disperse these types of tension, helping to straighten us out, and potentially preventing these issues from developing into a major injury. A good maintenance routine, as important for ourselves as it is for our horses, might be as little as 2 sessions per year. And in cases where a major injury has occurred, a more concentrated course of Bowen can assist in the process of healing and recovery.




In the saddle


As soon as we sit in the saddle we become part of a unit; our horse's posture can influence our balance, possibly pushing us more to one side than the other; our own posture can influence the way the horse carries itself, maybe needing to compensate to carry uneven distribution of weight if we have a twist in our pelvis, or if we place more weight in one stirrup than the other. There is a continuous feedback between the posture of horse and rider, and small discrepancies can turn into larger issues.


The ideal, whether for the weekend rider or the competition rider, is balance, poise and relaxation. Good instruction can help us recognise when we have achieved this position, and appropriate exercise to increase core muscle tone and strength can help our bodies hold this position. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still find it difficult to achieve. This can be a sign of hidden tension within the myofascia of the body. Bowen can help to release this tension, and the benefits can be surprisingly quick and satisfying.










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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


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