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Some of the people I have treated.



Mrs W - frozen shoulder


Mrs W had suffered shoulder pain for 3 months and was unable to raise her arm beyond shoulder height. The GP had diagnosed 'frozen shoulder'. She had difficulty sleeping, dressing, using shelves .... There was an immediate, though slight, increase in her range of movement after the first session. After 3 sessions she reported that there was very little pain, movement had improved to be near to normal, she was sleeping better, using shelves, swimming ... It "has made such a difference".




Mrs W - hip and knee pain - migraine


Mrs W enjoyed running, but a recent knee injury had made this difficult. In a recent 10km race she had to stop to walk for a while to allow the knee to rest before continuing. When she ran another 10km race shortly after her first session of Bowen, she was able to complete it without incident. After a further 2 sessions she had no pain in the hip or the knee, and felt that the incidence of migraine had also decreased.





Mr L - lower back, leg and knee pain


Mr L played football and ran several times a week. He had planned to take part in the London marathon, but was unable to because of pain in his knee and leg during and after exercise. After his first course of 3 sessions he felt "really good". He had played football with no pain or stiffness the next day - "the first time for years". His energy levels had improved and he felt less tired after work. He returned for further treatment 3 months later, felt that his 'recovery time' after running was quicker, and was able to take part in a 10km race.




Mrs G - neck pain


Mrs G had suffered from constant pain in her neck and shoulders for 20 years, though she rarely took pain killers. After 3 sessions she felt no pain, just some residual stiffness.




Mrs C - shoulder stiffness and aching


Mrs C was very fit and active but had suffered constant stiffness and aching after "straining" the muscles in her shoulder. She was finding her normal daily life and hobbies, particularly gardening, difficult. She improved steadily, and found that after 3 sessions the day to day stiffness and pain had gone, and she was returning to her normal level of activity. She was particularly pleased to have been able to work in the garden without needing painkillers after.




Mrs H - arthritic hip - pre- and post-operative care.


Mrs H had occasional Bowen to help cope with the effects of an arthritic hip. She felt that her pain levels were reduced, and she was also able to stand and walk with less of a stoop. She went on to have a hip replacement, with sessions of Bowen immediately before and after the operation. Her medical team were very pleased with the speed of her recovery and progress after the operation.





Mr H - arthritis


Mr H found that Bowen decreased his pain levels from arthritis, and improved the range of movement in his neck and shoulders, so that he was more comfortable when driving - able to check for traffic to right and left without moving his whole body.





Mr R - chronic fatigue


Mr R had suffered from CFS/ME for a number of years. Though he had developed good strategies for coping, he still suffered from headaches. After Bowen, their frequency and intensity decreased, and his general energy levels improved.




Mrs M - back, knee and ankle pain


Mrs M's pain was routinely exacerbated during episodes of particularly demanding work load. She had 3 sessions of Bowen in the lead up to one such time. She found that she was sleeping much better. Her pain levels reduced, and though back pain did again increase when provoked by the workload, she felt it did not reach the level that she would normally have expected.









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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


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