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Bowen for people.

      per treatment at Vicarage Farm, Olveston, BS35 4BT 35 approx. 1 hour

Bowen for horses.
      per treatment at your yard 35
      travel - up to 15 miles from BS35 4BT. included
      travel - 15 to 25 miles from BS35 4BT 5
      travel - over 25 miles from BS35 4BT by arrangement
      Severn Bridge crossing current toll for cars
      horse and rider treated at same yard on the same day 60








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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


Visit the website of European College of Bowen Studies to read more about Bowen.


Visit the website of Bowen Therapy Professional Association to read more about Bowen.


Rose Farm 
Visit the website of Rose Farm College of Equine Studies to read more about Equine Bowen.











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