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About me.




I grew up in Somerset, studied physics and mathematics at Bristol University, and worked for nearly 30 years in research and teaching. Starting in 1998, I suffered a prolonged spell of back pain and weakness, and began treatment with a cranial osteopath. This led to an increasing understanding of a holistic view of health, and an increasing interest in the complexity of our muscular-skeletal system. After deliberating for a considerable time, I enrolled on the first module with European College of Bowen Studies. Initially treating friends and family, I found the Bowen technique fascinating in its simplicity and effectiveness. I continued with the training, and qualified to treat people in July 2010. I am now a full member of Bowen Therapy Professional Association.  






Animals have always been an important part of my life, and horses a particular passion. I starterd riding at the age of 11, and have ridden intermittently since, whenever circumstances have allowed. Five years ago, I achieved a life-long ambition to have my own horse. Studying Equine Bowen was a natural progression, and I enrolled at Rose Farm College of Equine Studies (almost within sight of where my grandparents farmed) to apply the technique to horses. I am now qualified to treat horses also.





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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


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Rose Farm 
Visit the website of Rose Farm College of Equine Studies to read more about Equine Bowen.











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