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Gentle, relaxing and powerful.



Bowen is a complementary, holistic therapy that is applied to muscle and soft tissue using a very light pressure. 

It is so gentle that is has been successfully used for newborn babies and the very elderly and frail. It is so diverse in its application that people have turned to Bowen when suffering from symptoms as varied as sports injury, stress, frozen shoulder, eczema and many more. Bowen is often used for everyday aches and pains; because the whole body is treated, not just the area of particular pain, problems of compensation may also be resolved giving a more complete and longer lasting improvement.


Each Bowen therapy session varies according to the particular problems of the client. By focusing on the lower and mid back and legs, the upper back, shoulders and the neck, a sense of wellbeing can be achieved, helping relaxation, aiding sleep helping to remove everyday stress and anxiety that can make us feel under-par or prevent us functioning at our optimum.


Bowen has also been successfully used for a variety of animals including horses, cats and dogs. Horse riders often report that their horse feels freer and looser in its ridden work after Bowen. Some use it to aid recovery after an injury, some as a regular therapy in order to avoid problems developing from the stresses and strains of ridden or driven work, some to release stresses after routine procedures such as dental checks, and some to enhance the performance of their horse when it is feeling 'a little off'.


I specialise in treating people and horses; I am a full member of Bowen Therapy Professional Association, and work within their Code of Conduct.  


I am based in South Gloucestershire. I use treatment rooms for human clients at Vicarage Farm Beauty & Holistic Therapy Centre in the village of Olveston, about 10 minutes by car from the M4/M5 interchange at Almondsbury. Both are conveniently situated for easy access from Almondsbury, Thornbury, Alveston, Falfield, Berkeley, north Bristol fringes including Patchway, Filton and Bradley Stoke, South Wales, Stroud and Dursley. I visit equine clients within a 25 mile radius of M4/M5 interchange.






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"completing: together making up a whole .." (Chambers dictionary). Bowen is not a substitute for medical care from a qualified practitionary, be it your GP, or your animal's vet. It is to be used alongside, and in addition to, normal medical care.


Regarding the whole body. Bowen does not treat specific conditions, though by treating the whole body specific symptoms may be relieved.


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Rose Farm 
Visit the website of Rose Farm College of Equine Studies to read more about Equine Bowen Therapy.











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